Foxy ladies of rich hippies

We don’t want to write no nonsense. That’s why we do research. That’s right. Everything in Love Game is thoroughly investigated and based on facts, facts, facts. Totally.
That’s why we feel obliged to link to this fact. Yes, “Foxy Lady” is available in stores. The best thing about it (well, the only best thing I can judge about it) is the manufacturer’s name. Rich Hippie? Seriously? That’s just massive. Who came up with this? And after how many drags from the hookah? I really want to know that, guys.

But honestly, I can say for myself that the best thing about writing Love Game is coming up with the character names. Because we know the facts. The hidden facts. The facts we hide in the names.
My favorite character’s name of the week and so fitting for this rich, hippiesque foot note:

Mint Rickenbacher

Here are the hidden facts about her:
Mint? Like the candy? Ermm, no, not really. More like in “mint condition” or “mint as fuck”.
Because Mint Rickenbacher’s dad is making a lot of money. Literally. He owns a mint, a coin factory. The mint condition is the condition a coin is in as it leaves the mint. “Mint” means brand-new, great or awesome. Now that I think about it: we could actually make him an ex-hippie, who met Mint’s mother on the beaches of Goa. Mint’s mother is still a hippie and her Dad remarried. Mint travels with her evil step-mother.
See, that’s how background stories are developed. Just a sniff of foxy lady.
Not finger sniff.