04 Revelations

“Why now? Why not wait till we get back home?” Gabriella followed her sister through the corridor of the hotel.
“Because we need one. That’s why. Just look at you!” Luella turned around, pointing at Gaga’s hips.
“What’s that supposed to mean? Are you saying I’m not fit? I played two matches today!”
“We need to get fitter!” Lulu grabbed Gaga’s hand and pulled her through the door of Room 324.

Inside Mick Ecklund, their coach was waiting. He had a bored face, knowing that he would have nothing to say in the event.
“You are late, girls! They are already waiting.” He pointed to the door that connected the room with the next one.
“Good,” Lulu said sitting down in a chair. “Where are their CVs? And can I get a water, please?” She clapped her hands and Mick got up to look for a glass of water.
Gabriella found herself a lounge in the back of the room. She had no intention to take part in the show except to prevent the worst.

She sighed. As if her day had not been strenuous enough, Luella had set up job interviews for a new fitness trainer feeling that they needed one as soon as possible after the previous trainer had left them without warning after only a week in Brisbane. It was typical for Luella to rush things. That was her way on the court and off the court. That was also the reason Gabriella was the better player. It was a fact the twins never spoke about as they both knew their careers were a joint effort.
Today Gaga had played both the singles match for Luella and a straining doubles match together with her sister. After the doubles match she had to convince her sister, that there was no way she could play the match against Sasha the next day. She felt tired. She would have preferred to talk about tactics for Lulu’s match with her sister but Luella was already involved with the inspection of tanned, buff Latino guys.

Latino guys? All of them, Gabriella wondered. After another twenty minutes she was convinced that Luella had made the pre-selection of suitable contenders solely on their resemblance with Ricky Ilesia. Was that the name of that singer Lulu would listen to all the time? Gabriella couldn’t remember even though she had to endure his music on every drive between the hotel and the tournament site.
She closed her eyes and frowned. Now she had one of his terrible tunes stuck in her head. She tried to think of something neutral like tennis balls flying over a net and soon fell asleep in the big, comfortable couch.
She missed the big moment when Lulu proudly announced Raphael as new fitness coach for the Ozolini twins.