06 Keeping up with the Januses

Now, that was one fine trophy. Sure, Gabriella Ozolini was still dreaming of a Grand Slam but this was her very first Premier title. Indian Wells. She had won it against all expectations.
“Game, set and match, Miss Ozolini.”
She still could hear the umpire’s voice piercing through the applause and through her own heartbeat to announce the score and these four words that all the tennis players wanted to hear.
Game. Set. And. Match.
As if pushed by that incomprehensible strength that had suddenly appeared during her semi final when she had played her twin sister Luella, Gabriella had crushed Sasha Mrachova in final. Sasha, the big hit of the moment. The girl everyone talked about, that all the medias wanted desperately on their sets or on the cover of their magazines.

Gabriella was sitting on her bed in their Florida home surrounded by her bags she was supposed to pack. They had both played the Miami tournament losing in their quarter finals and would leave in an hour to Charleston, Daniel Island having had only two nights to relax and do some washing. Gabriella liked the house they had bought together last year. There was just not enough time they spend here. With a sigh she went back to packing her training shorts and shoes into a huge bag.
The only shade that actually came to darken Gaga’s victory a little bit was the fight she had had a few minutes after her semi final with Luella. Gabriella had betrayed her sister and their secret pact.
Furious, Lulu hadn’t even waited for Gaga’s excuses and simply stormed out the locker rooms to make it to her press conference in order to avoid a fine and, let’s face it, her sister’s victorious smile.

And then Gabriella had won against Sasha. As if nothing had happened, Luella had showed up almost timidly in the locker room to congratulate her. Of course, she had watched the match from the player’s box because nobody was supposed to know that they had gone into a fight over their failed illegal pact.
It was a big win for Gaga. And a big win for the Ozolini sisters.
“I’m very proud of my little sister,” Lulu had told a reporter after the win.
Lulu always referred to Gaga as her little sister, due the simple fact that Gabriella was born fifteen minutes after Luella.
They had hugged, tightly. And turned the page over. Whatever had happened during their semi final would become part of the bigger plan.

Gabriella zipped her last bag and scanned her hotel room to check that she hadn’t forgotten anything.
Luella was waiting for her on the front porch.
“Ready for some family action?”
The Family Circle Cup was a Premier event but the atmosphere was laid back and familiar.
Gaga gave her big sister a nod and Raphael, who had come to take her bags a friendly smile. She knew that she owed part of her sister’s good mood and sudden amnesia over the semi final to their so-called trainer Raphael who had licked every single one of Lulu’s wounds.