11 On a secret mission

“How about the twins?” Mint Rickenbacher looked back onto the white houses which lined the Grand Parade of the Eastbourne seaside. She and Cecilia “Chili” García López had taken the walk out on the pier, and had settled down in a coffee shop to catch up as they hadn’t seen each other since the first week of Roland Garros in Paris.
Chili shrugged then nodded slowly.
“You definitely cannot say they passed unnoticed since the beginning of the season. Actually, they are rising up in the rankings and rather fast. They could create a surprise. Seguramente!”
Mint took a sip of her tea and made a face. She should have gone with a coffee like Chili, she thought. Not that she couldn’t get some but she was trying to cut on sweets. And she couldn’t drink coffee with loads of sugar. So it had to be tea.
“It won’t be in vain,” her coach had told her with this typical lack of tact that the American player had learned to not focus on. In a word, she was going on a sugar-free diet and hated every second of it.
“My bets would especially be on Gabriella. She has been impressive lately. Actually, she had a very good run in Paris.” Gaga had reached the quarter final.

“And Luella lost against Sasha. It could have been worse. Yet they are far from being in the top five if you ask me. This constant change of coach is strange, and not doesn’t make sense at all!” Mint frowned. She wasn’t extremely close to Lulu and Gaga in spite of being American as well, yet who was close to these two anyway? But she had to recognize that the way they hired a new coach every now and then was curious and rare. Tennis players usually lasted at least a whole year with the same team if only to give time to each one to prove what they were able to do. But not the Ozolini sisters. Instead, they almost got someone new for every single surface.
“They barely have time to get used to each other and learn from each other that they already have to go along with someone else’s methods,” Cecilia continued. “Why would you do that when everything is going well?”

“Yes, I know.” Mint shrugged. “But maybe that’s their secret. And it doesn’t prevent them from doing good things on court. In singles and doubles. If it goes on like that, they might end up at the YEC.”
Chili let an amused smile play on her lips and light up her face. Obviously, she liked Mint’s suggestion. Of course, the grass season had barely started and there was still a lot of time left before the Year End Championship but the Ozolinis’ presence there could spice up things.
“Now that would be interesting. But first of all, they need to stop arguing. They are wasting time and energy when throwing a tantrum to each other like that. They should focus a lot more on their game and how to get the most of it instead of letting this animosity float around.”
“Arguing? What are you talking about?”

Had she talked too much? Chili bit her lower lip for a furtive second before coming to the conclusion that she could tell Mint about it. Anyway, it was too late to come backwards now.
“I heard them argue the other day at the hotel. It wasn’t pretty. Might be a consequence of being with each other constantly. But still, they need to overcome it if they really want to reach the top once and for all.”
“Arguing about what?”
Now Mint was being curious and highly interested. As if to not be overheard by whoever would pass near their table, she bent over and locked her eyes with Chili’s, waiting for an answer that would satisfy her curiosity. Chili shrugged, obviously uncomfortable.
“A few things.”