12 Dog & Fox

Wimbledon came up with a delicious routine that Tom could have easily get addicted to. Every morning, the blogger woke up in his lover’s arms and slowly enough, they made it through another day far from the boiling and exhausting scheme of hotel rooms. In England, most of the players rented apartments or houses, which brought also a peculiar shade to the only Grand Slam played on grass. It was like being at home and relaxing enough, enjoying life not only on court but off as well and it had its charms. Tom locked his eyes with Ted’s before planting a soft kiss on his lips. Yes, Wimbledon definitely had its charms.
“Good morning.”
It was a matchless day for Ted but he nonetheless had to get up and go practice soon enough. Perhaps once the tournament was over, they would have some time off to spend together without any tournament schedule to respect but one of their own desires.

And some time without Ted’s mother Julie, Tom thought, when they came down to the dining-room that overlooked a private garden.
“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, gentlemen,” Ted’s mother stated without looking up from the newspaper.
“Good morning, Julie.”
Sitting down at the table there was a typical English breakfast waiting in front of him. Digging in he was he almost missed that Ted didn’t sit down with them. He had grabbed two sandwiches and had shouldered his racquet bag.
“You are already leaving?”
“Back soon,” Ted smiled at Tom, blowing him a kiss through the room before leaving the house.
Tom sighed. Soon enough, they would be back in the craziness of hotel rooms and journalists. They wouldn’t have time for these peaceful, quiet moments. He looked to the closed door and swallowed. If he had known better, he would have remained in Tom’s arms a bit longer in bed instead of getting up so fast to get dressed and have breakfast.

“Oh don’t worry, darling. The earlier he leaves for practice, the earlier he will be back. By the way, how about booking a table for you two at some restaurant tonight? I am sure my Teddy would appreciate the attention.”
“I think he mentioned that he has to call Felicia. I’m not sure if he is free tonight, Julie.”
Tom hated it but he did sound disappointed.
“Her.” Julie’s snorted. A bit surprised, Tom looked up at her.
“What is wrong with Felicia? Sure I wouldn’t mind her being out of the picture but considering how it still works these days, she comes in handy.”
Julie put down the newspaper.

“Frankly, I don’t like her. The way she treated Amanda was disgusting! She’s been awfull to this poor girl, using her as if she was a toy. Just look at her now. Heartbroken. Can’t win a match anymore. That’s unforgivable!”
She picked the newspaper up again, continuing to read as if nothing had happened.
If there was one thing Tom had begun to get used to regarding Julie, it was the way she put passion in all the things she said, as if she were on a crusade. But at no moment would he have imagined that she would go out on a limb in support of a player who was widely rumored to be gay. Well, he corrected himself, this was only a breakfast conversation. She wouldn’t say that in public. Never. But watching Ted’s mother he had to smile. She might be a nuisance at times, but more and more he began to like her.