Boom Shake Shake Shake The Cupboard

“The broom cupboard then? Boom Boom style?”

That, of course, refers to German tennis star Boris Becker who was nicknamed “Boom Boom Becker” in his prime due to his powerful, fast serve. He surely lived up to his name even after his last Wimbledon match. In June 1999, his retirement celebration boiled down to a quickie with a model in the broom cupboard of a London restaurant, resulting in a baby and eventually the divorce from his wife.

Here is Boom Boom in better times, with a serve and volley approach and an amazing finish when serving for the Championship in 1986.

In recent times another German player has been nicknamed “Boom Boom”. The reason also being her powerful serve. To my knowledge, Sabine Lisicki has not been associated with any London broom cupboard so far. Go to 0:29 and 9:00 to witness her rocket serves. This is how it’s done, guys!