Just want to say thank you!

Hello, dear readers,

new tennis season about to start! Hopman Cup, Brisbane and Auckland have begun. Yay!

But actually I want to say THANK YOU!
It’s been pretty amazing two month for us, from writing the first chapter of Love Game to seeing it grow and mature. Also, to witness the readership grow. If the statistics don’t lie we have over 8.000 views so far, and between 300 – 600 views per episode. That is simply amazing!

As you might have noticed, we gave up on the Soundtrack idea as it was very time-consuming and nobody really clicked on the links anyway.
Instead, I introduced a new category: REAL BALLS where I will post about the real tennis, the real girls, the real sweat.  I’ll be at the Australian Open and hopefully have time between matches to write about it and post pics. Hope, you’ll like it.

Please, give our FB site a chance and take part in the poll about your favourite character. We’d love to hear your answers. Feel free to suggest possible season endings.
Thank you for reading and coming back again and again. It means a lot to us.


P.S. Yes, we are writing on the new chapter. Don’t panic, ok? Just a bit hung over from last week’s festivities.


3 thoughts on “Just want to say thank you!

  1. iam pretty much into this whole Elise Amanda thing, i know you are using a lot of facts for the story, but how much of this relationship is pure fantasy.
    It just reads so damn like you guys are some kind of insiders.

    what i am trying to ask, are these two really dating in the real world ?? or is it pur shipping and you dont know anything.

    • Hello Sabs,

      facts? Nope, just vivid imagination.
      Writing gives you the privilege that you don’t need to know everything. It’s actually pure gold for writers. Unsatisfied curiosity stirs the imagination like nothing else. Am I right?


  2. Yeah thats the problem, the tip of the iceberg will never be enough ;-)

    Thanks for the Answer, i wish i could concentrate on their tennis lately without searching and also finding hints that they are an item.

    This whole Love Game blog is awesome btw.
    always a highlight of my week

    Keep Shipping

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