14 Double trouble

Elise carefully opened her hotel room door and peeped outside. The corridor of the hotel was empty and silent. She took another look to each side then stepped outside her room and closed the door. Wearing her pyjama she quickly moved across the hall and knocked on the door opposite her room.
During the weeks after Wimbledon, she and Amanda had talked hours and hours over video calls and had conceived a plan how to make it easier for them to spend the nights together. They had booked rooms opposite to each other, while Elise had made sure that her parents’ room was on a different floor. On the one hand the secrecy made their young love even more exciting, on the other hand lying to her parents preyed on Elise’s mind.
During the weeks off in Florida she had resolved several times to tell her parents during dinners, car drives and a day at the beach – and had never plucked up the courage to finally do it.

One evening she and her mom were preparing dinner and while Elise was cutting some vegetables her mom had stepped behind her and looking over her shoulder to check the proceedings had given Elise a fond kiss on the cheek. Elise knew her parents loved her and were terribly proud of her latest achievements. They had stood by her during the long terrifying month of injury. Experiencing her mom’s affection while lying to her parents about whom she talked to every night almost brought tears to her eyes. Elise had put the knife down and had turned around to her mom.
“Maman?” Her mom had looked up, surprised to see her daughter almost in tears.
“What’s up?” She had approached Elise and had given her a hug. The embrace made Elise feel even worse.
Finally she whispered to her mother: “I love you.”
“I love you, too, Elise,” her mother had replied, astonished by Elise’s apparent emotional distress. She had given her daughter a close inspection but Elise had turned to the vegetables again and her mother had not mentioned the incident again.

Amanda opened the door and let Elise in. The German pushed Amanda tenderly against the wall and while pushing the door shut with her foot she slipped her hand into Amanda’s pants and began their late-night cardio training. For five nights now they had been making good use of the time they had together. The nights in Stanford had been quite pleasing so far with Elise becoming more and more adventurous and confident.
Two hours later and exhausted from shagging they snuggled together on Amanda’s bed and Amanda was just about to fall asleep when Elise lifted her head.

“How did you tell your parents?”
“I didn’t,” Amanda answered, knowing what Elise was talking about.
“What? You’re not out to them?” Elise could not believe it. But Amanda laughed.
“No, I mean, they found out themselves. No need to tell them. Unfortunately.”
“Why? What happened?”
With a sigh Amanda sat up on the bed.
“My mum walked in on me one morning and found me with a woman between my legs.”
“What? Are you kidding me,” Elise laughed.
“No,” Amanda said with a smile. “And it was not funny, you know.” But Elise couldn’t stop laughing. They laid down again and still giggling, Elise rested her head on Amanda’s chest.
It didn’t make her forget her worries, but she finally fell asleep with a smile on her face.