For shizzle, my nizzle!

Ok, here we are. One week into the new season. It’s awesome and crappy at the same time.

Let’s start with the awesomeness:
ASB Classic Auckland is absolutely killing it with their videos. They don’t have press videos (because, honestly, who cares about them? We’ve heard it all before.)
Nope, they have this:

1. Zheng Jie is into the final of ASB Classic Auckland. For shizzle, my nizzle!

2. So Flava Flav likes meat. We knew that already, right?

3. Hasta la vista, baby!

4. The end of the world? Sveta says: “No sweat.”

(And don’t you want the pills Sabine pops every morning?!)

Plus Petko has a new move.

And here’s the crap:
Injuries, retirements, withdrawals.
Just stay away from the hips and ankles and abdomen and backs of the players, 2012!


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