16 Between the lines

Leaving the media area Sasha exhaled slowly. It had been hard work to explain where her serve had gone during the second set, which she had lost eventually to Gemma Heffington, the young and upcoming British player. But she had managed to come thought her third round match in the end, winning the third set convincingly with 6-2 against the more inexperienced player.
But the absence of her serve was frightening. Of course, it had never been the same since her injury two years ago, but today the double faults had a different reason.
As much as she had tried since Cincinnati to avoid the Ozolini twins, this morning she had bumped into one of them in the Flushing Meadows. For a while now, the twin sisters were not seen together that much anymore, which made the initial moment of contact even more awkward as Sasha couldn’t say whether it was Gaga or Lulu. Together they were much more easily to distinguish.

On the way to the gym Sasha had looked down on the ground, carrying her sports bag and listening to music over her earbugs when suddenly someone came around the corner and collided with her head-on.
They both cussed in surprise, but when Sasha realized who she had bumped into she breathed in sharply.
“Lulu?” Sasha stared at the twin with wide-open eyes who looked back curiously.
“No,” the Ozolini said curiously. “I’m Gabriella.”
Sasha laughed with relief.
“Are you going to the gym?” Gabriella asked. She herself had a bag over her shoulders revealing her own destination. Sasha nodded and Gabriella flashed her a smile gesturing to go there together.

But Sasha didn’t move. Even though it was a relief that this wasn’t Lulu she didn’t feel at ease at all.
Did Gaga knew that Lulu liked girls? And if so would Lulu have told Gaga about the nightly incident at the vending machine? Probably, since they were twin sisters. Meaning there was a good chance Gaga knew about Sasha. Would she talk to other people about it. Was she gay herself? She hung out a lot with Elise lately. But then again these two hung out with Morgana, so Gaga was probably not gay but only a book worm like Elise and Morgana. Or maybe, Sasha thought, it had not been Gaga at all in the hotel talking to Elise and Morgana, but Lulu. Why hadn’t she thought about this possibility?
She looked up but Gabriella had finally run ahead to the gym.
Sasha sighed. When she entered the gym she looked for Gaga. The Ozolini twin was training in the middle of the huge hall, so Sasha decided to go to the back and hide behind one of the red square columns.

Since the night in Cincinnati she was completely lost in the Ozolini mystery again. But it had taken a bitter-sweet turn now. She not only wanted to know what was going on with the twin for reasons related to tennis. She wanted to know because she had enjoyed what had happened.
Everything had been like a sweven. Almost unreal in hindsight. Only the taste of peanut butter left in her mouth made her believe that it actually happened.
Sasha had tried to remind herself, that she didn’t like Luella. But she couldn’t deny that the kiss had unfurled desires she had subdued for her career’s sake. If Lulu hadn’t vanished all of a sudden they would have probably spend the night together. She had to admit, she liked the thought. She even had to admit, that more than once her mind went wandering and she imagined herself with the dark-haired beauty.
Suddenly exhausted from racking her brains, she stepped from the treadmill. What was going on with her? Sasha shook her head. Before she could figure out the Ozolini mystery, she obviously had to figure out herself.