Snow white vs. Badass black with shades of grey

While I’m still working on my tan (watching tennis gives you funny tan lines so I retreated to an exotic island to complete my tan) the players get ready to bring the heat to cold Europe.  Fed Cup time!

Here are the Snow Whites from Czech Republic!

They will take on the Badass Blacks from Germany. But watch out, Snow Whites! Current team leader Sabine “Captain Boom Boom” Lisicki being especially badass these days.

But what the hell is going down in Switzerland?

I have no words.
Ok, I do. But I will keep them to myself.

Let’s concentrate on the fun stuff instead: So, Casey Dellacqua is having a wonderful time in the snow. And Sam Stosur is having some thoughts about it. Notice the slight difference in temperature. How good to have some competition going on between the girls! Gets them into the right spirit! Oi!

If you need a good laugh after all this drama, tune in @judmoo, @heatherwatson92, @laurarobson5 and @annakeothavong. The British Fed Cup team rocks Twitter!
If you haven’t heard of Keothavong yet, read this. If you have heard her name before, read it anyway. Brits. Rock.


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