Season 2011 – Table of Contents

Hey, everyone!
Thank you for checking out Love Game.
Since publishing the first version here on wordpress I have edited it for a Kindle eBook. I’ve compressed the storylines, worked on the characters and hunted down every spelling mistake. Was a lot of work but it was worth it and I would be very happy if you give it a shot.

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01 Ready? Play! (Perth)

Elise is on her way to Australia, Lynn checks the net height, Ted and Robyn fancy a hot dog & Amanda is distracted by a blonde in the crowd

02 Mother’s Finest (Brisbane)

Paola is late for her interview, the Ozolini twins are up to no good, Martina and Andrea share a locker room moment & Monica and Agathe are calling a special match

03 Eavesdropping On The Heart (Melbourne)

Sasha hides in the bathroom, Elise hides in the jungle, Gemma and Robyn wait for Aussie kisses & there’s an Australian/German encounter in the hotel corridor

04 Revelations (Melbourne)

Lulu wants to get fitter, Amanda is sighted with a famous singer, Sasha is back in the game & Tom takes a momentous picture that will change his life

05 A Change is Gonna Come (Indian Wells)

Sasha wonders about the twins, the Ozolinis have to battle it out on the court, Amanda tries to get serious & Elise tries to be brave

06 Keeping Up with The Januses (Charleston)

Amanda is having no fun on her birthday, Elise unsuccessfully tries to watch a film with Angela, Sasha sees the daylight & Tom is having an idea

07 Ad Ventures and Break Points (Stuttgart)

Elise is all for team work lately, Morgana is becoming a Tennis Nurse sleuth, Sasha is becoming a Ozolini sleuth & Amanda’s cheek is burning and keeps her awake

08 When In Rome… (Rome)

Amanda receives wake-up texts, Ted is having a night out with Tom and the girls, Morgana and Sasha make a deal & Gabriella makes an unusual locker discovery

09 De Point En Point (Paris)

Elise tries to concentrate on the ball, Amanda gets good coaching advise, Tom is becoming everyone’s big brother & Gaga will be Lulu – but not only on the court

10 Serving A Love Game (Paris)

Luella is stalked by Sasha, Elise is having a bad day at the office, Lana’s ex-boyfriend’s flowers come in handy & Amanda serves out her match with an ace

11 On A Secret Mission (Eastbourne)

Morgana is on a bus ride to Brighton, Tom makes a list, Elise falls asleep & Anastasia and Sasha are having no morning glory

12 Dog & Fox (Wimbledon)

Elise is having a good day at the office, Gabriella leaves the Ozolini house, Amanda holds hands in a public place & Sasha tries to concentrate on tennis for a change

13 Let’s Have A Ball (Wimbledon)

Ted is unhappy with Tom’s blogging, Lulu and Gaga become Gaga and Lulu once more, Sasha knows nobody won a Grand Slam today & Amanda and Elise skip the broom cupboard

14 Double Trouble (Stanford)

Elise is looking for the right moment, Tom is love sick, Amanda falls out of the Top 10 & Gemma and Robyn feed the rumour mill

15 Beneath The Moon and Under The Stars (Cincinnati)

Mint should have her gaydar checked, Amanda and Elise order strawberries, Tom is doing research & Sasha enjoys the union of peanut butter and coconut cream

16 Between The Lines (New York)

Elise and Angela watch a tie break, Ted makes a decision, Sam gets offers for code violations & Amanda moves pretty well for a dead person

17 Break, Make and Hold (New York)

Ted takes a plunge, Mint and Chili make it a hot night in New York City, Sasha is worried by a proposal and a picture & Amanda earns it

18 Have Your Body Serve and Eat It, Too (Tokyo)

Morgana serves Agathe a blowfish, Natsumi is far from being harmless, Angela and Stephanie discuss rumours & Amanda is dining in a special sushi restaurant

19  Walking A Fine Line (Luxembourg)

Mint has some pictures developed, Gaga is giving an interview, Andrea and Martina find a brown envelope & Elise likes Amanda’s hair in the sunlight

20 Blood, Punch & Tears (Istanbul)

Sasha is knocked out, Tom is knocked out, Andrea and Martina don’t feel bad about it & Lynn is queen once again