Time to measure your IQ, ladies!

So, there’s no TV coverage or streams of any Indian Wells match until the weekend. Just live score and that sucks.
But we get some moving pictures nonetheless.


Tennis Nurse is not amused by that prank, while Maria couldn’t care less.
She is busy finding an answer to the burning question: Who is in the Top 8 besides me?

In the end Maria knows she knows nothing. This being the reason for her brainy superiority. She just doesn’t play those kindergarden games (see gif above).

Nickelback? Yeah, right. Vika, we all know you rock, but you can do better. So please, just do it!

I love the fact that Petra knows her birthday. Also, the way she says: “Me!” is just the cutest thing ever.

I hate the fact that they let Marion only answer the question who has an IQ of 175, which wasn’t really a challenge for her because, well, it’s herself and she has an IQ of 175. But the way she says: “Maybe it’s me?” is just the cutest thing ever.

And the 2011 Fan Favourite Award went to… Aga Radwanska. “Wow, ok. Congrats.” Yes, we all know you mean it, Vika. Not. There’s no end to the Vika-Aga dustup. Bring it!

But the bestest fail answer is Caro thinking Sam has a degree in journalism and a husband who snores. I honestly believe this is a case for Doctor Freud. My own amateurish interpretation would be:
1. Psychological projection – it is really Caro who has the snorer in her bed
2. Repression – she pretends Sam Stosur is a TV commentator and not the player that could snatch Caro’s No. 4 spot if the Dane cannot defend her title points and Sam has a good run at Indian Wells
3. Regression – see gif above.


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