Just a first round match…

I can’t recall any other match today than the Serena Williams/Virginie Razzano encounter. To be honest, I can’t recall any of the match’s games except the last. 24 minutes. 8 match points. 5 break points. Court Philippe Chatrier had turned into a madhouse with the French crowd going nuts at each of Razzano’s points, booing the chair umpires decisions and singing and chanting.

900 kilometers away in my office, I was standing in front of the screen screaming. I was laughing hysterically. My hands went numb.

This is what tennis does to you. And this is why I love tennis.

Oh, and Razzano won.

(Not once did I get the feeling Razzano would choke this away, even though Serena came back from 0-5 in the decider winning three straight games and Razzano was cramping badly throughout the last set. Not once did she gave the impression she would let go of this. You just can’t help thinking she was not so much playing against Serena, 13-times Grand Slam champion and one of the favorites going into this year’s Roland Garros, but rather playing for someone.)

“Tennis is at it’s best when it isn’t about tennis at all.” Great read about the match by Lindsay Gibbs.


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