On rewriting

Sometimes rewriting is not only necessary in literature but also in life.
I have decided to part ways with my co-writer as we do not share the same view on ‘storytelling’.

I wish her all the best for her new endeavor as The Real Ball Girl.

I will continue writing Love Game.



Tiebreak? Naw, let’s break a record instead…

It won’t come as a big surprise that I used the record-breaking second set tiebreaker of the Kirilenko-Stosur encounter at the US Open 2011 as inspiration.
That was such a nail biter.

Here is the entire tiebreak from a Kirkilenko fan’s point of view. The atmosphere on Grandstand must have been amazing!

If you can’t spare 30 minutes watch the three challenges.
Not the best video quality but the best commentator.

Holy Shazza! For realz?

You amaze us. And the day is not even over yet.

I mean, only a week ago we were happy if we had 400 view. I blame the start of the new tennis season for the sudden interest in our scribbling but it’s also very gratifying to see (because I do in the site stats) that you read all the chapters one by one.

That said, I’ll better work on the outline of the new chapter. Pressshaaa!!!


Just want to say thank you!

Hello, dear readers,

new tennis season about to start! Hopman Cup, Brisbane and Auckland have begun. Yay!

But actually I want to say THANK YOU!
It’s been pretty amazing two month for us, from writing the first chapter of Love Game to seeing it grow and mature. Also, to witness the readership grow. If the statistics don’t lie we have over 8.000 views so far, and between 300 – 600 views per episode. That is simply amazing!

As you might have noticed, we gave up on the Soundtrack idea as it was very time-consuming and nobody really clicked on the links anyway.
Instead, I introduced a new category: REAL BALLS where I will post about the real tennis, the real girls, the real sweat.  I’ll be at the Australian Open and hopefully have time between matches to write about it and post pics. Hope, you’ll like it.

Please, give our FB site a chance and take part in the poll about your favourite character. We’d love to hear your answers. Feel free to suggest possible season endings.
Thank you for reading and coming back again and again. It means a lot to us.


P.S. Yes, we are writing on the new chapter. Don’t panic, ok? Just a bit hung over from last week’s festivities.

Boom Shake Shake Shake The Cupboard

“The broom cupboard then? Boom Boom style?”

That, of course, refers to German tennis star Boris Becker who was nicknamed “Boom Boom Becker” in his prime due to his powerful, fast serve. He surely lived up to his name even after his last Wimbledon match. In June 1999, his retirement celebration boiled down to a quickie with a model in the broom cupboard of a London restaurant, resulting in a baby and eventually the divorce from his wife.

Here is Boom Boom in better times, with a serve and volley approach and an amazing finish when serving for the Championship in 1986.

In recent times another German player has been nicknamed “Boom Boom”. The reason also being her powerful serve. To my knowledge, Sabine Lisicki has not been associated with any London broom cupboard so far. Go to 0:29 and 9:00 to witness her rocket serves. This is how it’s done, guys!

Happy Holidays!

Dear readers,

have you survived the stuffing and binging? Is the post-natal belly work-out already completed?

How do you like LOVE GAME so far? It’s been great fun writing it in the last two month and we were so happy to see the readership grow in numbers. Please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We post all kinds of updates and videos there and if you like you can ask us questions or give us feedback on the story. Also, we are totally curious about our readers!

See ya, Mojo